The story of Parking Wizard begins with three students that wanted to make something to make parking a little easier.  This idea led them to make an application that shows drivers empty parking spots in the desired area. The project started in the pre-accelerator program InnovationLabs when the first lines of code were born. 🙂

First, there was the desktop application, which is based on a Machine Learning algorithm. It does the work of recognizing which parking spots are empty and which ones are occupied, based on images transmitted from a camera, in real time. From here, the information about the status of the parking spots is transmitted to the mobile app, where the user can see it. Intuitive and simple, the app shows the available spots marked with a green dot and the occupied with a red one. If there’s a change of status, the color of the dot will change in no time.

The desktop app helps parking administrators manage a parking. The mobile user can find out which spots are free or occupied near their desired location to match your parking needs. They also have all the information about the spot they need is just one tap away and if they are not sure how to reach the spot ? Our Google Maps integration is here to drive them wherever they need!

Our app is also made for city halls, parking lot administrators and other companies that want to make parking easier. Our pricing is calculated based on the number of cameras used to match everyone’s needs. We can offer statistics based on the data that we collect from our logs each day and help improve our contractors’ infrastructure. And because we care about our customers’ needs we can now provide information about illegal parking. The users that benefit from our partnership will have free access to the app.

What gives us the edge over our competitors is that we offer the exact location of  parking spots, a low cost implementation, we can generate statistics and also we can go as far as detecting illegally parked cars. 


Who we are

A group of students who desire to make the parking process easier, faster and less-stressful.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to create a smart city infrastructure with low cost and fast implementation

What we do

We take images from existing surveillance cameras to identify the available free spaces, and displays them in real time in the mobile app.

Our Team

Purța Andreea


Florescu Andrei


Matei Andreea


Would you like implement this solution in your city or company?

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