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What's Parking Wizard ?

Parking Wizard is a cross-platform app composed from a machine-learning algorithm, a desktop and a mobile app. The mobile app helps drivers find available parking spots in their area.  It takes images from existing surveillance cameras or uses its own cameras to identify the available free spaces, and displays them  in real time in the mobile app. The desktop app helps parking administrators manage a parking.


User's benefits

Shows the status of parking lots in real time

Find out which spots are free or occupied near your desired location to match your parking needs

Shows various information about parkings

All the information about the spot you need is just one tap away

Shows direction to your desired parking lot

Not sure how to reach the spot you chose? Our Google Maps integration is here to drive you wherever you need!

How does it work?

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Parking Wizard for city halls and companies

Parking Wizard is made for city halls, parking lot administrators and other companies that want to make parking easier. Our pricing is calculated based on the number of cameras used to match everyone’s needs. We can offer statistics based on the data that we collect from our logs each day and help improve our contractors’ infrastructure. And because we care about our customers’ needs we can now provide information about illegal parking. The users that benefit from our partnership will have free access to the app.


How the algorithm works



The algorithm takes the images captured by a video camera. Each spot is then processed with the help of our machine learning model and then the status is sent to a secure database. To ensure privacy we don’t send any video footage online.

The administrator can see for how long a spot has been occupied and then check the log for each day with timestamps. After the inital setup, our soultion can detect the status of a spot even in the harshest conditions such as snow or rain, therefore achieving the goal of seeing all the free spots in real time



Offer parking detection for your events



Let’s say that you are cinema theater and you you have minimum 5 movies every night. Your cinema is in a center location and most of the time your parking is full of people who park there and your clients have difficulty in finding a parking lot. You could implement our solution for chump change so the users that own a ticket could see in real time if there’s an available parking lot!  And just like this you have a unique feature for your clients.






Înainte sa existe Parking Wizard ma bazam pe intuiție și pe noroc ca să găsesc loc de parcare. Acum merg la sigur, iar când ma întreabă prietenii cum reușesc sa găsesc tot timpul unde sa parchez le răspund atât: "magie" 😉
Valentin Grecu

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